Youtube Equipment For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

You’ve finally decided to take the leap and start a Youtube Channel. Your first step is to get the best equipment for your channel to share your videos with the world. There are many different types of equipment that you can use – what should you do?

Before we continue, I want to stress start where you are! Start with your smartphone and a window if you don’t have any money to invest in your YouTube channel. Most smartphones have good enough audio and video to get up and running.

Don’t let a lack of equipment prevent you from starting your YouTube channel. Now, continue reading for my recommended equipment for your new YouTube channel.

Video Editing Software

Video editing software allows you to edit your video, add text, and overlay things like music. In most cases, this software is installed on your computer. You will need decent RAM and hard drive space for editing and rendering videos.

Three of the most popular are Windows Movie Maker, iMovie for Mac users, and Adobe Premiere. However, if you’re on a budget or starting your YouTube channel part-time, I recommend that you use free software like Windows Movie Maker or

NOTE: if you’re planning to create tutorials where you share your screen, look for video editing software with that capability.

Here is a list of recommended video editing software to consider:

  • Movavi (Link to Movavi)
  • Filmora
  • Screenflow (Mac only)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro


A good microphone is the top three in the most critical pieces of equipment for your new channel. While many people believe that the video is most important on YouTube, audio quality is way more important. If your audience can’t hear you, or the quality is terrible, they will leave within 30 seconds of starting the video.

There are many different types of mics, but dynamic and condenser mics will work great with your computer soundcard without the need for an external preamp or mixer. While the quality isn’t perfect, starting with a USB microphone is pretty standard for all YouTubers. With this type of mic, you plug the microphone cord into a USB port on your computer. You can start recording within minutes of plugging in the device. This is the definition of plug ‘n play.

There are many microphones available on the market, but a few popular ones include:


You will need a camera if you plan on creating talking head videos. Talking head videos are where you are looking at the camera and speaking to it. This is a popular type of video on YouTube because it helps build a connection with your audience.

Cameras can be expensive, and if you’re starting your channel part-time or on a budget, it may not make sense to buy one right away. Instead, you might want to look into borrowing cameras from friends at first.

Here is a shortlist of my favorite cameras for starting your YouTube channel:


While not at the top of the list, having a good computer/ laptop is critical to your success as a YouTuber. If you are going to be editing your videos or photos, you will need a computer with decent RAM and hard drive space.

RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is essential for video editing because it determines how quickly you can edit and render your videos. If this is not fast, it will take forever to create a good quality product for YouTube. The issue will become even more noticeable if you decide to make content in 4K.

You will also need a computer with a large hard drive or invest in an external hard drive for your video files.

Here are a few computers/ laptops I recommend for video editing. NOTE: this may change over time.

Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard is lower on the list of priorities but still helpful to your success. Using a wireless keyboard allows you to sit back and comfortably type on your computer. This will eliminate the tension of sitting at your desk with everything in front of you, which can help prevent injury or fatigue while editing videos for long periods.

Here are a few keyboards that can make your video editing experience slightly more enjoyable.

Wireless Mouse

Like the keyboard, the mouse isn’t a top priority but still lovely to have. A wireless mouse allows you to sit back in your chair and comfortably use the computer without having it right in front of you. It will also give you more freedom than a wired mouse, which is helpful if your desk doesn’t allow for much movement. In addition, some mice have unique designs that increase productivity.

Here are some wireless mice that can enhance your video editing experience:

Photo Editing Software

Photo editing software allows you to create thumbnails, logos, and YouTube banners. Like video editing software, photo editing software can consume RAM while in use. Therefore, you will want software that is easy to use, has lots of tutorials, and doesn’t consume too much RAM.

Here are the different software I’ve used for creating YouTube content


Headphones may make it easier to edit your videos. You can listen to the audio of a video without wearing headphones, but if you are in an open room with people talking or other noises, it will be harder for you to pick out details in your sound. Headphones solve this problem by creating noise isolation which helps eliminate outside distractions while editing content.

Headphones may also benefit you while creating your videos because they will reduce any noises heard in the background.

Here are some headphones I recommend:


A greenscreen, or chromakey, is a background that is either green or blue. Using a green screen allows you to replace the background of your videos and photos with another backdrop, which can be anything from pictures on your phone to video clips recorded in front of a real camera.

A greenscreen is excellent for tutorial videos so that you can still appear in your YouTube videos without taking up additional space. Greenscreens come in different shapes and sizes, so consider the location of where you’ll be recording your videos before making a purchase.

Here are some greenscreens I recommend:


A studio lighting kit is a set of lights that will allow you to create professional-looking photos and videos. Studio lights have the power to diffuse harsh light from your camera’s flash, which can change the way someone looks in an image or video. In addition, they eliminate shadows.

Here are some studio lighting kits I recommend:

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